Persian language proficiency

Distance Learning
December 21, 2017
Persian Language
February 28, 2018

We offer the following levels of Persian language proficiency.


Students learn the Persian alphabet, greetings, and basic sentence structure. They practice the Persian language through activities such as introducing themselves, and role-play. Students will master the Persian alphabet; they can write down words and short phrases correctly on a paper, and initiate social interaction. For instance, they can introduce themselves.

Intermediate Novice


Students will read simple words and phrases they comprehend in standard short conversations. They introduce themselves and greet each other. They show an understanding of Iran and some cultural aspects of Iranians, and they can speak about familiar topics such as themselves, their families, and concrete objects. Students will learn grammar. including present verbs, adjectives, and adverbs



The course is a response to students with basic knowledge of the Persian language and grammar. Students demonstrate comprehension of the Persian language; they understand a face-to-face conversation and communicate through email; they comprehend standard language, including most information on radio broadcasts or television. They present familiar topics while using grammatical structure correctly.

Advanced intermediate


Course prepares the students to understand short articles on various topics, including but not limited to cultural, political, and social life. It emphasizes what students learned in prior levels. The course includes broad subject matter with different levels of difficulty. with extra effort Students understand quick conversations between native speakers. They can speak fluently, understand the news and most YouTube videos, and they demonstrate the ability to write short articles on various topics.

Advanced High


This level is designed for students to focus on specific areas of proficiency. They will read from contemporary literature and various authentic texts, watch films, and listen to audio-visuals.
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the main ideas and necessary details in a conversation. They will be able to use some slangs, understand brief conversations and write on topics that need research. They will be able to discuss concrete and abstract topics. Students understand and discuss cultural aspects of the Persian language, and they can often follow an unexpected change in conversation.

Distance Learning


BIPS offers user-friendly platforms to connect you with highly qualified native Farsi instructors. In real-time, meet your instructors and gain an impeccable experience. Collaborate with them via the Zoom platform and use interactive whiteboards while sharing documents and audio/videos.
We may design in-person courses based on a mutual agreement if you need in-person courses
BIPS provides practical online learning instructions to achieve your goals. You will experience a traditional classroom in a modern setting. Qualified instructors will work with you. BIPS offers an excellent opportunity for those who need flexibility in their language learning.
$ 47 per hour for one student minimum of two hours
$ 45 per hour, one student payment of 20 sessions
$ 40 per hour for two students minimum of four hours
$ 37 per hour for three students minimum of four hours
$ 35 per hour group class of 9 students