About Binesh

We started making the world a better place to live ten years ago by establishing Binesh Institute for Persian Studies, a registered non-profit (501(c) 3), tax-exempt organization. Binesh is a non-religious and non-political organization.
Binesh means ‘insight, intuition, and ken.’ The word is closely associated with our mission, providing valuable insight into Persian literature and culture.
Binesh has been established to be a leading center to promote and facilitate eLearning Persian language, literature, history, mysticism, and the Iranian culture. Our purpose is to uplift spirits among multiple groups and create a better community and better spiritual life for you and everyone around the globe. We aim to generate powerful, optimistic connections and inspire the community to live a more positive life, love each other and work purposefully.
To educate the community, Binesh offers seminars, workshops, and lecture series on various topics, including mystical literature, classical and modern Persian poetry, film reviews, and informal gatherings to cultivate a community tie between Iranians and those interested in Persian culture.

We strive for perfection every day.

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Every day more people join our lessons to begin their spiritual journey.
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Binesh Institute

Binesh Institute for Persian Studies
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