Persian language proficiency
February 28, 2018

Online learning with BIPS

BIPS offers user-friendly platforms to connect you with highly qualified native Farsi instructors. In real-time, meet your instructors and gain an impeccable experience. Collaborate with them via the Zoom platform and use interactive whiteboards while sharing documents and audio/videos.
We may design in-person courses based on a mutual agreement if you need in-person courses.

Achieve your language goals

BIPS provides practical online learning instructions to achieve your goals. You will experience a traditional classroom in a modern setting. Qualified instructors will work with you. BIPS offers an excellent opportunity for those who need flexibility in their language learning.

choose your plan

Persian Language
$ 47 per hour for one student minimum of two hours
$ 45 per hour, one student payment of 20 sessions
$ 40 per hour for two students minimum of four hours
$ 37 per hour for three students minimum of four hours
$ 35 per hour group class of 9 students